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Toll Extraction

Unlocking the true value of biomass

We provide complete end-to-end extraction services, from processing and extraction to distillation and THC removal. All our extracts – oils, isolates, distillates and terpenes – are CGMP certified, delivering maximum value in the most efficient way possible.

Toll Processing

Drying, curing and trimming hemp biomass for extraction.

Toll Extraction

Turning hemp biomass and flowers into crude oil extracts.

Toll Distillation

Purifying extract oils into profitable distillates and Isolates

Toll THC Removal

Creating THC free (<0.2%) distillates for the European market.

We turn extracts into revenue

Our wholesale platform offers a gateway to global distribution. Alternatively, our seed-to-shelf white label service can get high-quality products to market faster.

Pioneering production facilities

With over 5,000 sqm of laboratories and extraction facilities in Greece and Macedonia, we have partnered with the best equipment manufacturers in Europe to achieve highly efficient extractions and large-scale THC removal methodologies, allowing us to convert approximately 1000kg of biomass per week.

Full CGMP, HACCP, and Organic certifications

As Cannabinoid products become more regulated, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certifications will become increasingly important. For this reason, our facilities in Greece and Macedonia are fully CGMP and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified to guarantee quality, traceability and to future proof our products.

A gateway to the global market

We're building a global production and distribution network, starting in Europe with Africa, Asia and the Americas to follow. This network – powered by our wholesale platform – will allow us to distribute extracts and products to an international market.

Commercial partnership & consultancy

Our consulting services help partners maximise their return on investment. We can advise on extract desirability, cannabinoid focus and commercial opportunity in specific markets. We also offer toll processing split services to provide commercial flexibility for farmers and brands looking to get to market.

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