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Genetic Services

Where the cannabis plant meets its full potential

Our geneticists, strain masters and growers develop high-quality strains for industrial use. At the forefront of cannabis genetics, we use proprietary techniques and genome-sequencing technology to research and develop new cultivars, genetic make-up and pharmaceutical applications. Alongside our Seedbank – an extensive database of seeds, cuttings, and genetic profiles – our Small Farmer Network can help farmers with smaller operations scale and grow more efficiently.

Genetic R&D

Bespoke strains developed in-house for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Genetic testing

Genome mapping to isolate or integrate traits, such as pest resistance or greater yields.

Lab reporting

Cannabinoid profiles to detect potential contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides.

Cannacielo Seedbank

A database of seeds, genetics and cuttings for use in R&D, agriculture and medical production.

The Cannacielo Seedbank

Fully traceable and transparent, our seedbank is an extensive database of seeds, genetics and cuttings. We use this gene-pool in our breeding programs to bring back historical traits and characteristics lost or bred-out over time. Our genetics and seeds are available for purchase helping partners ensure better quality and consistency with crops, allowing for higher yields.

Genetic Identification Services

Our Genetic ID services reveal the genetic fingerprint of any given plant. We can ascertain the history of a particular strain, its potency, and its cannabinoid and terpene profile, as well as information on its breeding potential. This can help boost agricultural efficiency, reduce generational unpredictability and achieve shorter grow times.

In-house R&D and breeding

With over 3,250 sqm of laboratories in Europe, our research into minor cannabinoids is unlocking their potential for a range of medical applications. We use genome-sequencing technology to develop new cultivars, and can clone or genetically modify strains to create formulations to order. We can also work as a plug-in R&D team for companies who are looking to keep their operations agile.

Small-scale Farmer Network

Our Grow With Us partnership is for smaller farms and agricultural companies looking to enter the market or increase their operational scale. With our strains are available for licensing, we also offer agricultural consultation services as well as assistance with product development and distribution.

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