World-leading, fully-accredited facilities

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Our Facilities

Pharmaceutical quality at every stage

Starting with Europe, our aim is to build a global network of fully accredited facilities all operated by teams of leading geneticists, cultivators, extraction engineers and industry experts. In Greece and Macedonia, our facilities consist of over 25,000 sqm under glass cultivation, as well as almost 9,000 sqm of state-of-the-art extraction and genetic research laboratories. We aim to ensure all our operations will be net zero energy by 2023.

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Meteora is home to our largest production facility, boasting over 20,000 sqm of semi-automated polycarbonate glasshouses. Our extraction and production plants are housed within a 5000sqm purpose-built CGMP facility, with laboratories dedicated to Supercritical Co2 Extraction, Short Path Distillation, testing and packaging. Our underground Research and Development facility houses our genetic services, selective breeding programs and seed bank.

  • Size: 20,000 sqm
  • Certifications (pending) GACP & EU GMP
  • Output: 1000kg per week.

Northern Macedonia

Within the municipality of Nova Selo, we are developing a 7-hectare facility on the banks of the river Strumica. It will encompass 5000 sqm of under glass agricultural production with room to expand to 20,000 sqm if required. Nova Selo will also house our initial extraction and production line, focussing on the development of products for the CBD, health and wellness market. This includes conducting research into tobacco alternatives, genetics, and new extraction techniques.

  • Size: 20,000 sqm
  • Certifications (pending) GACP & EU GMP
  • Output: 1000kg per week.

Our Approach

Powered by sustainability

We are committed to making our facilities net zero energy, with power generated by our own on-site renewable sources. In instances where this isn’t possible, we will partner with local solar or wind farms, and any excess power will be passed back to the grid.

Full CGMP and HACCP certifications.

As Cannabinoid products become more regulated, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certifications will become increasingly important. For this reason, our facilities in Greece and Macedonia are fully CGMP and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified to guarantee quality, traceability and to future proof our products.

Pharmaceutical quality at every stage

Our facilities have genetics, cultivation, extraction and production all under one roof, which means we are experts in extracting maximum value from plants in the most efficient way possible. This also gives us complete quality assurance from seed to product.

Our timeline for expansion

Our global network will be rolled out in three phases across four major territories. Phase one begins with Europe – specifically Greece and Macedonia – and will be complete by the end of 2021. Phase two will see us open facilities in the Americas (Antigua and St Vincent) and Africa (Mauritius, Ghana, and Togo). The expected completion date is 2022. By 2023, Phase three will have opened up markets in Asia, with a focus on Singapore and India.